Monday, August 15, 2011

B.Y.O.B. ~ Build Your Own Burger

  Burgers are a staple of the all American cookout going dating back to the time just before World War II when the charcoal grill gained it place in the backyard of many homes. This simple and often considered easy meal option has spurred many debate between friend and foe. Even in my own house there are varying opinions on the correct mix of the burger itself not to mention the cooking techniques or dare I venture the realm toppings!
 It was this past Friday that I watched and recorded the differences in how each of my friends build their own burger. It reminded me of a snowflake in a way, with no two being exactly the same. One person had turkey on wheat with no cheese while another went for beef, bacon and cheddar on a white bun then smothered in BBQ sauce (not ketchup and pickles on the side!) Each person checked off there preferences like it was a description of there personality and proudly handed in there order. This whole experience made me ponder what makes a burger a burger... 
 According to Merriam-Webster and burger is defined as: : a sandwich similar to a hamburger burgers> —often used in combination and a hamburger is a sandwich made with a patty of ground beef. Being a person that does not like being constrained by regulations I am all for the Burgers not Hamburger. Thus this leads me to B.Y.O.B. or Build Your Own Burger!!
 B.Y.O.B. opens the door for individualism and creativity and is a great theme for your next cookout! Create a Burger Bar where all the guest are given the option of meats and toppings and are free to create the burger that best suits them. You can even turn it into a game and have people guess or theorize what each persons burger says about them. 

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